JOTA 2018

        Frank G1GYJ with Two 3D Printers  
                        Sign Language                             Morse Code                Grahames Musical Vegetables
                  Morse Code Biscuits                  Middlewich Cubs and Scouts
              Morse Code Bead Necklaces                  1st Huntington Brownies  


         The Sheriff Cuts the JOTA Cake           8th Ellesmere Port Cubs and Scouts          A Busy Friday Evening at  JOTA
     Restored Military Field Radio Trailer           1st Over (St Johns) Winsford


                              Cake Cutting                               8th Ellesmere Port Beavers

                                                                                       Scouts and Guides Attending  

                                                1st Tarvin Cubs and Scouts           42nd Chester             Cestrian Scout Group Cubs       

                                                    4th Frodsham                    1st Burton (Wirral)         8th EllesmerePort  Cubs and Scouts  

                                            1st Over (St Johns) Winsford     1st Tarvin Beavers         1st Vicars Cross Brownies

                                             1st Huntington Guides                1st Christleton                  40th Chester

                                               Calday Valley Guides          18th Chester Brownies         Cestrian Beavers

                                           8th Ellesmere Port Beavers          48th Chester Cubs