The Visit by Jenny and David from ZS6WRS  White River Scouts, South Africa

In 2004 Jenny and David Dodds operators for many years in JOTA at the ZS6WRS station representing White River Scouts in South Africa visited the UK and the operators from GB2COS and GB2LC held a small reception for them Here are a few photographs taken at the event:-

                                   IN MEMORY OF DAVID DODDS ZS6BJH - R.I.P. FEBRUARY 2009


                    Arthur G7BQY and Jenny ZS6ABM                   David ZS6BJH and Tony G3TRL


            Peter GW4IGF, Arthur G7BQY and Ian G4ZVA            Mel (Scout Leader), Arthur and Jenny



                          Mike G1CZU and Tony G6FIT             Graham GW0HUS and Mike G1CZU


                                  Graham and Jenny       Tony G3TRL, David ZS6BJH and Patrick GW4WSU




                                                          Jenny comforts Patrick on his lack of DX Contacts